FEATURE Strengths of OMS

There are jobs that only OMS can do.

Based on our many years of experience in the line of assembly and design of various spoke wheels,
we have the expertise and accumulated knowledge to specialize in spoke wheels.
In addition, we have various connections with spoke wheel manufacturers,
which have a wide variety of facilities related to spoke wheel assembly within our group company of Ohmura-Shokai.
We can say without a doubt there is virtually no company in the world that is familiar with spoke wheels like ourselves.
OMS can be trusted to handle everything from design to development consulting and assembly based on the knowledge, experience, and technology that we have cultivated throughout the years.

Spoke wheel

The Desirability of the Spoke Wheel

Spoke wheels (wire wheels) are excellent for driving on unpaved roads, durability, and shock absorption due to the spokes pliability according to is tire contact surface.
Good airflow between the spokes reduces the adverse effects of crosswinds on stability, and by installing an aluminum rim, the unsprung load becomes lighter. Ride comfort and fuel efficiency can be expected to improve in the process.
When spokes, hubs, or rims noticeably deteriorate, they can be easily repaired by replacing individual parts.

Wheel provided by Excell-Rim Co

Image:Wheel provided by Excell-Rim Co.



The excellent design of the spoke wheel (wire wheel) has the functionality to run from the general urban area to the unpaved road, which one can feel the classical and retro texture.
You can choose from a wide selection of colors for each rim, hub, nipple, and spoke, to create an one and only wheel in the world.

Wheel provided by Excell-Rim Co

Image:Wheel provided by Excell-Rim Co.


Usage Scenes

Spoke wheels are used for riding on rough roads such as mountain roads and unpaved roads as well as on closed courses (none public roads) for climbing hills and jumping in motocross races.
They are also used for cruiser-type and street-type motorcycles equipped with spoked wheels (wire wheels) for general urban riding and touring.

EXCEL Rim Corporation

Image:EXCEL Rim Corporation